Monday, June 23, 2008

we have frog!

we have frog!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

They did it all, those crazy, cute kids of mine. They caught the tadpoles, the took care of them, and they raised them. Maddie even collected rain water and helped change the tank. The tadpoles are gone, and we now have frogs. When I woke up this morning, and saw this little guy, I was so excited. There he was just hanging out on the surface. I am so proud of them, my little froggy lovers.

The deal was, that when they became frogs, the kids had to set them free at the creek where they came from. That way, the frogs could have a happy life, and have lots of little tadpoles for us to catch later. I really hope that this all goes okay -- if so, they can bring another round of tad poles home and start all over again.

Almost there!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

This one is a bit younger. Just a few hours ago he had was completely immersed. I bet he will be out and about in less that 2 days. I would have never believed I would allow this in my house! I must be growing too.


abbygraykit said...

Was that a tadpole from Cheswick? How long did it take from capture to frog state? Cool!

Kelly said...

Hi Abby, the kids took a bucket and a net. They filled the bucket with the sand and water from the stream. I think their friend caught them. I can't imagine kids actually holding a tadpole. :)

We got the cute little habitat at Target!

Kelly said...

Yes we caught them at Cheswick! It took ours two weeks for our tadpoles to become frogs, they were a giants! Last week the gang of kids found some tiny ones, that will take a really long time. From egg to frog takes 12-14 weeks.