Sunday, June 22, 2008

pile of fun

Pile of Craft was a pile of fun! Adrien and Tasha were my road trip co-pilots and booth-mates for yesterdays Group Booth. Boy did we have some fun. In the morning, Adrian serenaded us with "Ode to the Chicken Biscuit" while we looked for Chick-fil-A. While we were lost (only a minor setback) we found an actual Medieval Times, like the one they talk about in the movie Garden State. Coincidentally, the soundtrack to Garden State was playing on the stereo, and conversation about movie was filling the minivan, when suddently, there was Medieval Times. Who would of thought? Heck, I didn't know they were even a real place.

The craftshow was nice, very well organized, and filled with really rockin' cool vendors. Check out the awesome venue. It is a old church and homeless shelter. The architecture was wonderful.

Here is our Pile of Craft Booth...

Nicole Lee Designs, Lark Studio, Keen Jewelry and Modern Aletier

Tasha McKelvey Pottery and Crystal J Silk

Our rack of love... Nicole Lee skirts... Monkey and Me kids cloths...
Modern June bibs and aprons.

Later I will tell you all about the dinner from hell! It deserves a post of its own. For now have a great week!

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