Monday, June 2, 2008

Family FUN!

I am tired! I have been going at full speed of late. My back is much better and I have been making up for lost time in the studio. But we have also had a bit of a social life. Momma needs a nap! Here are some really fun photos from Don's office picnic...

He is so proud of himself. When he was done he said he would never do it again.
Of course on the way out he wanted on more turn at it.

"MAN, that has gotta hurt!" Yes it is his sister conking him, this time he liked it!

Look at my pretty little girl. I love those freckles!
Aidan told me not to put sun screen on his nose so he could get some too.

The family that climbs together stays together?

Stand back girls he is all mine, pink balloon and all.

We all got tat's!

I couldn't help but show you all of these, they really make me smile.

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