Friday, June 6, 2008


I just updated my bio for Etsy I thought I would share it here as well. Here it goes...

Modern June… cool stuff for the hip housewife.

Hi I am Kelly McCants I have been sewing for 27 years. I would have to say that my career started against my will. It stared when my father would not let me take art class 7th grade, instead he took me to Sears and bought me my first sewing machine and insisted I take Home Ec. I am still so amused that got a D the sewing part of the class. I still can’t draw but I sure can sew. Later I started drafting my own patterns so I could make my funky 1980's wardrobe. I was in 10th grade and I could not afford to dress like Madonna.

I received a degree in Technical Theater and Fashion Merchandising and spent my twenties as a costumer for film and theatre. I enjoyed the fast pace of freelancing at some of the best regional theaters on the east coast. What I most enjoyed was being on a movie set. Doing wardrobe in that creative and chaotic environment was a blast. Times I will never forget.

Today I am a Stay at Home MOM of two great kids. I also homeschool our children. I strive everyday to create a balance between teaching, motherhood and my business. I have a great old home and a very cute husband.

Modern June started out as a simple creative outlet for a semi-desperate housewife. I had become anxious to do something that was just for me. I had also become obsessed with vintage aprons so I started selling my growing collection at the local farmers market. I could not bear to see them go so I drafted patterns of my favorite vintage aprons. By christmas of that year I was making tots and a few aprons but everyone wanted more Modern June. Those patterns went to work.

Modern June is now sold in over a dozen brick and mortar shops across America and Canada. As well a few online boutiques. The best place to find Modern June is on ETSY!

Although we have left the days of June Clever behind I believe there is a bit housewife all of us. Our homes ground us, it just sounds charming to have a nice house that we have lovingly decorated. To create wonderful meals for our happy family. This may not be our reality but we can dream.

Put on your apron and be creative.

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Silvia said...

Hi there! I love your bio. So much I didn't know about you!