Saturday, June 14, 2008

hormonally imbalanced play list

For days now I have been totally out of whack. My hormones are totally screwed up! AND it doesn't help that my tween is just as messed up! Could be go head to head more? Don't answer that.

I thought you all might enjoy my choice of therapy. Since chocolate is a controlled substance in my house (I am trying to get into shape) my normal M.O. is out. I have gone back therapy that got me through my teens, my twenties and OK my thirties too! MUSIC, really loud music! If I turn up the head phones enough it is almost like being in studio (house) alone. AND I dare anyone to tell me to sing!

Here is my play list...

LIVE- Mental Jewelry (twice)
LIVE- Throwing Copper
Pearl Jam- Vitalogy
Garbage- Garbage
Kelly Hogan
The Cranberries- To the Faithfully Departed
And last but not least one Alanis Morissette song-- the pile was just too jagged for even the worst hormonal disturbance.

I am sure I will regret this when I am fitted for my hearing aid! I really need to get some music made with in the last decade. I am becoming one of those people that really annoyed me, like my Mom that still listed to the oldies station. OMG, I am an oldie listener. How does this happen.

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