Friday, June 6, 2008

my new favorite spot!

my new favorite spot!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

Oh man! I love the banners so very much. Ok, I just set this up for the product shots but dang it I want this to be like this every day. All I need is a pool and a margarita and I would be set! So just posted them up on Etsy this afternoon. I have a few of them already to go out! You better buy them quick before I leave them hanging up in my festive backyard!

Now I am off to read my new Martha magazine that came in todays mail. Where is that bartender?


nikole said...

wow - this is gorgeous! sure to sell some of those lovely banners!

Anonymous said...

Ok for those of you that do not live in our area I walked out to my backyard (next door to Kelly) this afternoon to find her sitting in that chair reading Martha. What a cool and inviting set up. Only problem is it was 95 degrees and 105 heat index. I thought SHE HAD LOST HER MIND FOR SURE!!!!
But Kelly overlooking you insanity I loved the festive look. Sorry for you guys that don't get to see her accomplishments (backyard) and messes (studio) and accomplishments (clean studio) in person.
P. S. Happy Anniversay to you and Don a couple of days late.

Love you both


RetroRugrats said...

So inviting! Thank you for the inspiration. I have weeks of weeding to catch up this weekend.