Friday, January 19, 2007

Tale of the Green Goodess

So today I am spending a bit of time loading some of my ModernJune photo's up on Flickr As I was creating an album of some of the vintage aprons that I have sold. Well a couple of them have great stories. Here is just one of them...

This is the apron that I called the Green Goddess. It received the most hits on my ETSY site. Everyone loved this one. It was plus sized so it had to wait for the perfect owner. I have made a few version's of this. see my Modern June Originals album.

The perfect owner was also the perfect shopper. She bought 5 other aprons that day at the Market! She bought a toddler apron for a newborn baby. She was going to see Mom and babe in the Hospital that day. I love gifts like that the ones you have to wait to use. It reminds you of the special thought someone had of you babies future. VERY COOL!

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