Thursday, January 11, 2007


I thought this was a great post that someone left on my blog! check it out...Thanks for your imput Grazie!!!

Dear Modern June:

I am interested in women's culture in the traditional and postmodern context --- for example, Aprons as Power Symbols! I sometimes leave my house apron on when I walk my dog off leash because I believe it wards off the perception that I am going to let him do a "no-no" in neighbor's yards.

My daughter said no one dares challenge a woman wearing an apron ... she might have a rolling pin with her!

my response was this....

I love wearing my aprons out in my "Hood". Never thought to have my rolling pin too! Not a bad idea at night!

I too love the culture of the apron. I am on a mission to bring back the Word "HOUSEWIFE". When that word ended up on our tax return 8 years ago I was so offened. But now if my DH says that the house is not to his liking "I say Shove off I am the HOUSEWIFE!"

I hear men talking about how their house should look, what color paint the living room should be or what kind of sofa they should have...I say HELLO aren't we as HOUSEWIVES in charge of that?

We don't go to thier office and say you know you should keep you penicles on the right side of you computer! Oh and that screen saver is to yellow.


deb said...

I am a total fan of the aprons too! Yours hanging on the line are just too cute! (Are those all ones you've made?) Love them! And I completely agree about the word housewife!

Kelly McCants said...

The ones on the line are my work! They are made of Oilcloth. The blue polkadot is my vintage apron on choice these days!

kimmy said...

As I mentioned to you last week Kelly, I want to make and wear Street Aprons. I love my aprons but not all of them are versatile enough or coordinate with my wardrobe. STreet Aprons folks, you heard it here first !!!!

Of course, sewing machines mystify and befuddle maybe I'll just weqar the aprons and leaving the making to someone who knows aprons :)