Monday, January 8, 2007

The CRD Lab

What is CDR and how does it relate to ModernJune?

Well... CRD is Central Robotic Development. And the company owner is my Son, Aidan. And the lab for CDR is his new bedroom! Take a look!

Here we have the CRD Heating Robot. This old old old model is in for referb.

And here is the Heating robot after one can of spray paint and three hours!

The Robots arrive! There is no bed, no dresser, just a bookcase. So bring on the toys! Right? On wall complete, well kinda!

Check out this for art work. I lingered at Lowes for about and hour just looking for inspiration and what do I find on my way to the bathroom. At $3.50 each, I thought these range vents would be great hanging on the wall! And grouped in an odd number they look so cool.

To hang them:

  • Put those 3M sticky hooks on the wall

  • Thread floral wire on the back, making sure it is not seen from front

  • Hang and enjoy how easy that was!

Check out the flooring! YOU know that was so sloppy painting with that orange sheet. (See my flikr link) I was too lazy to use plastic. Well the floor is covered with paint. Yesterday in a hormonal funk I got to cleaning it. Only to get a giant splinter in my bum. And no paint off!

After removal of said splinter and many bad words later I ran off to Lowes. I LOVE Lowes! I can't have my babies (yes I know the youngest is 6) playing on that floor. It is dangerous and I really need to cover the paint splats. So I went to the flooring department I looked and looked. Nothing. I was about to get in the car and drive 90 minutes to get to IKEA and there it was. The old letter tiles got a redo. You know the ones with the letters punched out. Well these are larger the are each 2' x 2' and not badly priced. I am thinking that these should not have any bite marks since my babies are 6 and 9. We shall see. I really think these are perfect! Don't you agree! Very Industrial-Laboratory.

Well stay tuned we have a lot to go still. Today we painted the dresser drawer fronts. I am thinking that this might be enough but I am sure that in the end I'll paint the entire piece.

Happy, Happy...I have a project! I do promise to get back to work sometime soon...

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