Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A bloggy kind of day

Yesterday was cold, icy and dreary. I did not want to teach so we called it a snowday. I did not want to sew. I tried to crochet but my handwarmers were so bad that I only made one. Bad tv was not comforting me. I had checked all my blogs that I read. I had walked on the treadmill for an hour. I had read for an hour. I was discontented!

What to do... the kids were happily playing and did not know I was even in the house. (a good thing!). So finally I head over to ETSY to clean up my site. And then I had a brainstorm... the forums. I posted that I had a lonley little blog. I was so excited people posting and lots! What a great place esty is! If it were there 15 years ago I could see my life being really really different! Not better just different! Do you know what I mean? It is great to have place were you belong!

Here are just a few that responded to my call for fellow craft blogs...


check out the full list there are tons of great blogs to explore!

Thanks to all that responded you turned a boring to nothing day in to a lot of fun!


renwuying said...
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rockergirrl said...

I am so glad you started that thread too. It was a wonderful day yesterday finding all of you.

Matt said...

thanks so much for leaving the first ever comment on my blog! i get excited to know that someone is actually reading, and it's not just sent out into the wild nowhere :)

Matt said...

oh sorry, it's lindsey from ellebee studio... matt is my husband!

thoughtbubble said...

I'm glad that you started that thread because I was able to find so many great blogs through it! *hugs* I hope you don't mind if I link you. ^_^