Friday, January 26, 2007

New Item!

Finally a new item! I feel like I have been working on this site so much and filling orders that I have not been able to really create something new and fabulous. So here it is! The pet dish mat. Ok, it's silly I know but fun, right?

Our cat Bliss could not wait for my photo session to end to have ago.

The idea started out with a problem to solve. Don insists that the cat food tin sits right there with the cat bowls. I agree it keeps the cats from fighting. But the problem is that the water dish is constantly spilling out on to the floor and is making a rust ring on the floor.

One of our favorites gift shops is this great store in CaryTown called Mogrel. It always has great kitchy items for your pet. Well ages ago we had gotten a mat for the cat bowls from that store. With two sick kids a trip to Carytown was out of the question. So off I go to google for a bit of inspiration. Check out what I found I love, love, love these! But my .99 cent Ikea bowls are just fine with me. But I am loving the mats!

So off I went. And now the patterns done, the oilcloth picked out, the samples done, and the items listed on Etsy. I love an idea that just falls together! I will be making them in other colors too, for oilcloth samples at my flickr page.

Doggie Dish Mat

Kitty Kat Mat


thoughtbubble said...

Ahhhh, I love love love the kitty mat! I wish I had pets so that I could buy one of these! =(

Kelly McCants said...

you can have ours! thanks for coming by!

kimmy said...

too cute! you have been productive:)

Kelly McCants said...

Why thank you! I am in my oilcloth phase... moving on towards my Quazi-farm housewife piece work hand bags faze. Sounds scary doesn't it!