Monday, January 15, 2007

I am so tired...

I am so very, very tired! I am now on week 3 of what seems to be a “Whole House Re-ORG.” Who knew? My dear husband must have known. I mean after all it is January and you cannot go anywhere, watch T V or read any thing with out Organization as the main subject.

I do love a clean house! I do love a clutter-free house. I love the kids having there own rooms I now have a dining room free of school desks! I actually have two corners with out a single item in them in that room! And I have a living room free of toys! Well almost. I have yet to rid my room of the trinket basket. The trinket basket is the place I put all the itty-bitty toys that need a home and I don’t feel like finding it right now. You know, the first place I send my children to look for what they have lost and are desperate to find!
What I really love is having my husband join me in the studio. I mean what would I do with a room all to myself? It was said to me once that we live in every room of your home. Well that is still so very true. Way to true. No room for just “company” here. I am really looking forward to having our studio cardboard box free! I need to get crafty! We both worked all weekend getting it straight! I am loving the fabric for the studios new roman shades! I got it for aprons but oh well maybe if there is any left I’ll whip some up!

The kids and I went to Joann’s today. Spring is coming!!! But first I have a great idea for Valentines Day aprons. I must get going. I’ll only make a few since it is right around the corner!

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