Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Tour Stop: Whipstitch

 I can't even tell you how much darn fun I had a few weeks ago at Whipstitch! Located in Mid-Town Atlanta you will find a lovely fabric shop and sewing boutique, owned by the super cute Deborah Moebes.
 Look at this sweet little spot I got to hang out with a bunch of new friends!
 I want to embroider something!!
 Classroom of love!!
 Lovely laminated cotton.
 I really want to live here!
 Deborah is such a sweetie!!
Wow, did we have a ton of fun!!!

Meet one of the pattern tester for Sewing with Oilcloth, April Forshee.


Deborah said...

We were so excited to have you--thanks again for making the trek, and letting us steal you for the evening! You are, naturally, welcome back ANY time. :)

Kellie said...

Just received my oil cloth and book... can't wait to get started on a new project! Thank you!