Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where are all the custom tablecloths listings?

I am sorry to say that we won't be making custom oilcloth tablecloths for remainder of this year. Why? Because of that silly little hurricane named Irene, you may remember that she kind of dropped a big ol' tree on my house in August.

On Monday the contractors release us from the big blue tarp that has flapped insistently for over 2 months. While it will be nice to see out the back windows again, we don't have anything pretty to see since one of the tree branches punctured our sewer line. Try living without proper outgoing plumbing for 30 days. Not. Fun. The entire sewer line had to be replace so what little garden survived the fallen tree was cleared away by the back hoe.

We will stay open and sell laminated cotton tablecloths, chalk cloth goodies and all our aprons.  But in order to stay sane we won't be able to take any custom orders. Talk about bad timing, instead of fulfilling your holiday orders for custom tablecloth I'll be worried about...

 ... porches and roofs. and doors.
 ...plaster ceilings and doors.

Seven out of our ten rooms will need plaster work and paint. Ceiling and walls. Do you know what that means? I HAVE TO REMOVE ALL THE FURNITURE FROM THOSE ROOMS.  OMG!!! We've lived here for over 13 years and we like stuff. Our rooms are filled with tons and tons of stuff. Don't even get me started on the attic. I have to clear out too!! It's going to be completely crazy.

I am in denial about our own Christmas, we'll be lucky to put up a tree this year. The contractor says he'll be done before Christmas. I am not holding my breath, I've seen the movie the Money Pit. "Two weeks." My dear friend and assistant, Kathie, says we should have that movie playing in the studio tomorrow while they guys rip the slate roof off while we cut fabric below. Fun times!!!

But I am determined to create lemonade from these lemons! In return for all this heartache and hassle I get a fresh new look through out my entire home!!! Stay tuned my friends it's going to be a bumpy ride...


~April~ said...

Time for some bright side comments!

1) You get to choose new colors.
2) It will force you to go through your stuff (and get rid of a lot!)
3) You get to choose new colors!
4) Your house will be as good as new!
5) Did I mention anything about choosing new colors?

Kelly said...

I couldn't agree more!!

#2: I've already removed 5 trash bags of stuff out of the house already. Goodwill got 2 of them, recycling another!

It's all good!!