Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Atlanta Booth Junies!

From left to right, Suzanne Vinson, Tasha McKelvey, Suzanne Wieringo and Kirsten Schueler
Meet my 4 of the 5 Atlanta Booth Babes!! Along with Tiffin (pictured below) these Junie temps rocked my Modern June Boutique Booth last month at the Atlanta Country Living Fair.

All five ladies worked hard to set up a mighty pretty booth, cut a mountain of fabric and lovingly took care of our customers. Friday and Saturday was super crazy! We are talking you are lucky to go to the bathroom crazy. Lucky to take two bites of your lunch crazy. Sunday was lovely, we all got a chance to wander the show and enjoy the lovely of it all.
This was the line on Friday!! Tiffin and I started taking exact cash sales just to keep the line from blocking the road. WOW!!! 
This show was kind of a dream come true. For years and years, heck since the beginning of Modern June, I've wanted to have a little online boutique where I carried all my favorite handmade goodies, cool vintage finds, and cool kitschy kitchen goods.

Inspired by fellow business owners like Feathernesters, Nicola Flora and Strawberryfields. I decided to take the plunge. I went to the ladies above and asked them to share their crafty goodness and to come and work the booth. I then went to my bookmarked sites that sell cool kitchen gear and made some orders. The result was wonderful!! 

Below I have a ton of photos of their work. Please check out their websites and do some shopping! Knowing that someday soon you'll be able to pick it up at the new ModernJune.com!
Please know just how dreamy I think Tasha McKelvey pottery and jewelery is!! I own 2 bird bowls, one tea pot and a whole lot of her jewelery and it's not enough! (Hint for my hubby)

Tasha was the first to come to me this year and say let me come and help you in Atlanta! T's a Country Living Fair veteran that spent this summer and fall jet setting so she didn't have her own booth this year. How lucky am I?! I got to host her pottery and I got her love and care at the show. Tasha's the kind of girl that remembers that you forgot your book light from home and surprises you with one from Target!! Love that girl!
Gnomes, Birds and Owls... Oh mY!

Hersey is My Baby is owned by Kirsten Schueler!! Her work is so delightful. She's also become our newest Junie stitcher. We call her Warrior Junie, since she sewed through her finger while sewing up party banners. Ouch and YUCK!
What she does with felted sweaters is amazing! Her felt wreaths grace the pages of the new Design Sponge book!! 

Here are Kirsten's sweet babies loving on a Sew There kitchen chickens! I love these girls!! Recognize the eldest from Sewing with Oilcloth? Their visits to the show were a welcome bit of home-- I miss my own kids so much while I am on the road! They have the best grandmother in the world for taking care of them while Kirsten worked the show.

A Sew There Chicken meets Hershey is My Baby duck and lovie!
The Linwood Avenue shop is filled with such loveliness I can't even tell you! I first "meet" Tiffin, an Atlanta girl, via Design Sponge. Her before and after piece is killer!! AND, she loves milk glass!! Dreamy!! What I didn't know then was that she had shopped in our Atlanta booth months earlier. Small world!! I was so pleased to have Tiffin come and help up on Saturday, she also graced the booth with her pretty hoops and aprons!!
Suzanne from Silver Tree Art brought along lots of her pretty necklaces and earrings and spent her days in ATL cutting oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth. 
... and her other lovely loot.

I also brought along some other fun handmade goodies from other lovely vendors!  Check out all the pretty cards from Zou Zou's Basement! 

 Sew There's Kitchen Chicken of love!
 Booth Babe Table!
The Cupcakery sent us to Atlanta with some delightful kids items. Don't you lover her super cute skirts and tooth fairy pillows? 
Love the owls!! 
My favorite boyfriends from Feathernesters sent some of there very Modern June loot. I love these prints that they made up for the Columbus Country Living Fair.
Spring Bada-Bing 2009!!
Last but not least, let me introduce you to my dear friend Suzanne W!! She is the coolest and most wonderful gal around, you're very lucky if you have a friend like her!!! She's the kind of person that comes to the hospital when your giving birth and your husband is really sick, this is why my kids lovingly call her Aunt Sqz! She earned that title! Suzanne was a new boyfriend perk, she just happened to be the wife of my hubbies BFF. We've been best pals ever since. 
You won't see any of her handwork here in the booth, she has a fancy job at The Martin Agency. Now don't be me wrong she's handy, the girls got mad skillz when it comes to cake decorating!! I can't thank her enough for coming along to ATL and wo-manning the check out table with Tasha!
Let me not forget my my girls at home, two of my sweet Junies kept the home fires burning. Kathie the Junie shipping goddess kept emails answered and fabric flowing out the door all fall while I was gallivanting around the south this fall. And Nicole, my in-house stitching diva kept up with all the custom tablecloths. 

I can't thank everyone enough for having my back!!! I am sending you all lots and lots of love!

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thanks for the blog love :) we just love you kelly, and it was a JOY to come help you!!