Friday, November 18, 2011

What do I do now?

The studio is empty!! At Christmas rush? I know it's really bad timing but we have to have a sturdy roof over our heads, one that keeps out the cold and critters (stupid tree, stupid hurricane). The good news? While they repair my walls, ceiling and roof in the studio I get new lighting and 3 new windows!! Window's that actually open? That is so not my very old house way of working!

What do I do now that I've cleared all this out? You must know that I am a total work-o-holic, right?!! It's really not healthy how much I work. I blame my parents for such a work ethic. I spent a day resting, well 1/2 a day. I've spent almost of my evenings hanging out with the family, that's been really great. I feel like I should be baking cookies and lavish meals with the kids but the kitchens all cleared out too. They guys will be tearing out that ceiling as well.

What I really should be doing it is catching the the kids up on their home schooling but I am really stuck in la-la land and very tired. I just keep staring at the emptiness that is the back of my house and at the messiness that is the living room and hallway. Those areas are filled with the kitchen and dining room. Not to mention about 25 bolts of laminated cotton that I just couldn't haul though my muddy backyard in the cold rain.

What does a work-o-holic do when her work is stripped away? Withdrawal? That's it, I think I have the D.T.'s. My husband thinks that he can give me little "honey do" lists. ACK! I have my own to do list thank you very much. Okay, I don't but we won't tell him that.

What is amazing is that in the last two days, I have been getting little glimpses of the future. 
  • Yesterday I got a new shipment of laminated cotton fabric that has me thinking of bringing back the Modern June kids line. That's exciting!
  • I'm creating a list of patterns that I want to make. That's something very new!!
  • I started thinking about taking wholesale clients again. Imagining a new look book is fun. 
  • The hubbies been talking about servers for the new site. That's very nice. 
Maybe a forced construction vaccay is just what I really do need. Some clarity and restructuring is always good for business, even if it is during the holiday rush. For now, I think I let myself slack off for the next two days. (Got that Mr. Modern June?)  On Monday I'll get out those school books that collected some dust while I wandered the country doing a little book tour. And, I'll figure out the rest of life and work later.

Happy weekend! 

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