Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quilt Market: Saturday

On Saturday night the newest Wiley authors were treated to party! 
It was great to meet all some really great people after a long day at market.
I really wish that all the photos that I took had came out better, maybe instead of party pics
 you could indulge me with a little name dropping! 
I got to hang out with... 

Karen LePage, Co-Author of Sewing for Boys
Kathie Sever, Co-Author of Make Stuff Together
Cardie and Anjelica from Oilcloth International
Anna Maria Horner (she knew my name!) 
Jacinda from Prudent Baby
Patty Young
Kristen Link!! from Sew Mama Sew
Rashida Colman-Hale from I heart Linen
Colleen, Jack and Christine from Team Wiley

I am a ashamed to say that I have lost my stack of business cards and most of brain since QM. So please forgive me for not mentioning the rest of you by name. You know who you are! Please email me your contact info!! It was great to meet you.

The party was great, it was so laid back and the Treehouse was a great space! My new friend Jack (the sales guy from Wiley) played the role of dad and told us all not to stay up too late. I kinda wish that I had listened to him, because getting up Sunday was a bit difficult on very little sleep. Come back tomorrow and see my photos from my demo, I don't look too tired. (fingers crossed)

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