Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quilt Market: Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday I had the honor of sharing Sewing with Oilcloth at four booths at Quilt Market! We started with a book signing in the Oilcloth International on Saturday morning. It was so very nice to hang out with those wonderful ladies! Then in the afternoon I did demos at United Notions and Checkers Distributors.
Here I am on Sunday at the Brewer Booth.  It's so much fun to share my love for the slick stuff.
 I am a very happy author!
 We had a very good time!!
We gave out over 120 signed copies of Sewing with Oilcloth that weekend with the hopes that the fabric shop owners would go home be able to educate their shoppers in just how much fun this fabric is. You know me, I am just trying to get more members for the Oilcloth Addict club. 
 Team Wiley! Publishers of love, crafty goodness, and Sewing with Oilcloth!! These hard working people made the weekend delightful. I am very lucky gal!!! 

Honesty, I couldn't have had more fun or meet nicer people.  Thanks Quilt Market, Oilcloth International and Wiley for having me!!!

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