Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quilt Market: Friday


It was an honor to wrap up my Sewing with Oilcloth book tour at Quilt Market in Houston last month. I apologize for just getting this blog post up, I've been in home reno hell since I got of the plane. I really wanted to do the experience justice so I've been saving it for today.

My time at QM started with a round of Schoolhouses. Sweet Home Quilt describes what a schoolhouse is perfectly.

Sweet Home Quilt: The day before quilt market opens is always dedicated to Schoolhouse, which is basically an all day series of lecture/demo/infomercials from vendors, manufacturers and designers. It is a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at new products and glean ideas for the shop, but it is also exhausting…sort of like taking a full load of classes in college and having back-to-back classes all day…learning is hard work!!!
 I couldn't miss Anna Maria Horner talk about the new ribbons, fabric and needlepoint projects.
 She's just so cute!! And, oh so sweet, more on that later!!
 This quilt is made out of the velveteen. Yum!
 Laminated Cotton Rain Coat for kids! Love the Tart print more than any other!
I loved listening to Kathy Miller chat about colorways for all the new Micheal Miller fabrics. 
She's just amazing! I didn't get a lot of great photos but my local fabric shop, 
Quilting Adventures did, please go check them out!!
 David Butler, aka Mr. Amy Butler, has a great new line of fabric Parson Gray
I really want this on LAMINATED COTTON!!
I am stopped by to tell him that too. Aren't they a beautiful couple?
 I stopped into see my fellow Wiley author, Karen LePage introduce her new book, Sewing with Boys.
Karen is totally cool, I loved hanging out with her at the Wiley book release party!!
And then it was my turn!!! Yikes! Oh my, this was crazy. You literally have 1 to 2 minutes to set up. Did I mention that during those few minutes you are working around the people that have just finished the previous Schoolhouse? Stressful!!

All day I worried that no one would come and see my little talk about Sewing with Oilcloth, imagine my glee, terror, and excitement when I looked up and the place was packed. OMG, how awesome that was. I am still in shock at how excited people are about oilcloth. Oilcloth Addicts unite!!
 Here I am talking about the 4 top tips that make Sewing With Oilcloth easy and fun! You only need a: 
  1. Regular needle
  2. All Purpose thread
  3. Home Machine
  4. A tricked out foot.
 I brought all the samples I could get on the plane! 
 I promise, I wasn't dancing!!
There were so many questions and a lot of note taking!! I just loved connecting with the fabric store owners. As I see it, it's my job is to help shop owners go back and sell this cool fabric!! Like I said earlier, Oilcloth Addicts unite!!

 Fabric 2.0 is a wonderful shindig that is filled with tons of creative peeps. 
I was totally start struck! I've got to find my stack of business cards 
so I can introduce you to all the QM friends I have.
 Pretty lights

 This was the highlight of my Friday!!! I got to meet and hang out with Sister Diane Gilleland from Crafty Pod and Rachel Hobson from Average Jane Crafter/Craft. 
I was so totally happy to get to meet them. 
I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt real good!
The award for Best Shoes Winner goes to Rachel Hobson. 
I wish that my photo did them justice. 
Best Dressed Winner! 
  I thought I was being so tricky, I really thought I was taking this photo without her knowing.
I didn't realize she was looking right at me until I downloaded the photos. Totally busted!

There's more coming soon!! 

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Kerri said...

Not sure if you are following Parson Grey (David Butler) on Facebook. He commented that he is releasing 4 of his prints in laminate in the spring.