Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I recently got an email from my buddy Jennie asking me where I went off to last week. She reads the blog and was thinking that something had to be up since I hadn't posted all week. Well let me tell you life can throw you a curve ball or two. Last week I had three.

First off, my mom was rushed to the hospital again last week. Her condition was so scary that at one point that the hospital was taking nursing home care,she snapped out if that afternoon, I wonder if she heard them talking and decided to fight for the right to go home. : ) She had another reaction to a med that rendered her completely incoherent and completely unable to care for herself. I have about 2000 more gray hair from this horrid experience. She is doing better but I can sense it is far from over.

Second curve ball, a horrid accounting deadline that totally sprung up on me. I did it though, some how I did what I truly dread. Bookkeeping...yuck.

My third challenge was staying focused enough to get ready for the Crafty Bastard show that was held on Sunday. That's another 4000 grays, I need a professional color after my week from hell.

Now I am left with a ton of deadlines that will be really hard to meet if I plan to sleep this week. Calgon take me away, far-far away. Hell I would be happy with a clean bathtub and some clean cloths.

There is some really great news, I have raised over 250.00 for the Lewis Family Memory Walk. October 1st if bank day so if you can please feel free to share a little bit at the donation page. A big thanks to those that helped. My Aunt Peggy's total is now $16,409.57. AMAZING!

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