Thursday, September 11, 2008

she's crafty

Recently, I started to take one week day afternoon off a week. No sewing or email, just fun. I try to take the kids out for a good time and then the rest off the time is just for me! No kids TV, no play dates, the kids get to log in some computer time and play their hearts out. What do I do? BRAVO TV!! I plug myself into the fun design-show-plooza. Project Runway, Rachael Zoe and Top Designer. Heaven, absolute heaven!

While I have been chillin' out I saw this great necklace on the Etsy front page, I thought this would make a great Etsy Finds subject. Here is a "she's crafty" Etsy Find of my very own, it is all things that this Crafty Gal needs, wants and covets. Enjoy!


Moxie Madness Tshirt!

Barrel of Monkey buttons! LOVE these!

Scissor Shirt by Circular accessories! I own this great shirt and I LOVE IT.

I like this crazy guy! magnet by Vozamer

Crafty and organic T by Deadworry

I need this postcard for the studio! rarrar press

Check out Pendants and More there are ton's of crafty pendents!

In craft we trust? Great name!

craft stickers by Jelene.

Super cool t-shirt!

To die for necklace from out of the blue

Get crafty button set...shunklies

I need this vinyl wall decal (REAL BAD)...Hums and tiddely poms


SewAmy said...

I am hopping over to esty now. thanks.

Kelly said...

they are all wonderful aren't they?

I wonder if I can get a vinyl wall decal in the Modern June logo. I would put it on red plexi-glass and take it to shows...STELLAR!

I am writing her now!

Stephanie said...

That "I make babies" pin is the funniest thing I've seen all week. Love it.