Monday, September 15, 2008

Fund Raiser for Alzheimer's!

In memory of my dear Grr, whom passed away last December, I am having a Modern June style fundraiser! A portion of all Modern June sales go towards my Aunt Peggy's new of $13,000. She has already surpassed the first goal of $10,000 AND her second goal of $12,000. I hope to help her reach this incredible goal.

For years she and other members of our family have participated in the Kansas City Memory Walk. All funds go to help the Alzheimer's Association advance important research into better treatments and a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. For the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide.
Time is running out; the walk is less than 3 weeks away.

This year over 200,000 people across the nation are expected to take part in Memory Walk. Now is the time to "MOVE" and our destination is a world without Alzheimer's. I hope you'll be able to help, but if not, it's OK. Thank you very much for your consideration; it is deeply appreciated.
So, if you have been waiting to purchase some Modern June goodies please do so soon. NOW's the right time to buy from Modern June and know you are giving hope at the same time. I will keep a running total for the next 3 weeks in the side bar of this blog. I have 61.20 in the kitty already!

To find a Memory Walk near you check out Alzheimer's Association.

Please help us remember those that are suffering, those that we have lost and help the rest of us to hope. SHOP MODERN JUNE!!!

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