Wednesday, September 3, 2008

not back to school-part two

Man this easy-going homeschool life is hard work! Let me answer the FAQ asked question we don't stick to the typical PS year, not really we start about the same time and end about the same time but really that is it. It is a rebellious personal rule that do not do school on the "first" day of public school.

The Tuesday after Labor day is traditionally a day of sleeping late, staying in our p.j.s and watching a movie first thing in the morning. If we go anywhere it is the our local coffee shop Stir Crazy for chocolate chip muffins. But yesterday that tradition was broken due to an early morning Occupational Therapy Evaluation. The appointment went well, we all loved the woman and I was happy to finally get there. I feel like it has taken months for it to actually happen. But dang it did it really have to ruin my "first day" tradition? As we passed the local elementary school I lamented not being in my jammies. It was just too much like real school. Where are the fringe benefits?

We could not pick up the tradition today because of our other tradition, the Richmond Area Homeschoolers annual NOT back to school picnic was today. You would not believe the large number of people that were there today. I would have to guess that we had 40-50 families. We filled up the parking lot with mini vans that is for sure! We saw old friends and made new ones. We swapped books and toys. We networked and made play dates.

We even had a little crafty give-a-way. A friend of mine that is moving to Atalanta today, so last night we loaded up my van with fabric and other crafty goodies. I was able to give it ALL way to the crafty homeschool mommas. Jennie, I am not lying absolutely every single piece of fabric, every pattern, every book and every piece of clothing was snagged up. Now girls we are talking about a large amount of crafty goods. There was hardly room for my kids in the van it was that full!!! AMAZING!

Basically I am pooped out. But no worries tomorrow you will find me and mine on the couch in our jammies watching movies until we get hungry enough to walk down and get out yummy muffins!

We will start school someday I promise! Do you remember all those used textbooks I order last week, guess what, the math books were all wrong. Not at all what I needed. URG, what a waste!!!! I have enough old stuff to get us started but I am so bummed! Just when I thougth all my ducks were in a row! Bargains are not bargains if they are wrong! New note to self: just buy them new and be done with it!

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