Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hellish week

I am knee deep in the final details for the Virginia Homeschoolers Associations Annual Conference talent show and ice cream bash. (FYI ~ I home school our two kiddies.) Yours truly is the hostess with the mostess. I am trying to be positive but I remember how hard it was last year. I am dreading it. I am wasting a lot of energy on that dread too. I mean I have to do it right? So I should get over it.

We have about 200 guests coming for ice cream sundaes. And as of today we have 23 talented kids performing. Yikes, I have to emcee.

I have some of my great friends from our SHARE Homeschool coop lined up to scoop and Kimmy has been so helpful over the last few months listening to me rant and getting donations. I love my buddies. I hope you all have such great friends. I don't throw this word around willy nilly but I am blessed.

What was I thinking. I will learn to say no, I really will. But you know how it is you want to give back to those that help you but you know that you are stretched thin. You are all ready to say no and then your great friend Parrish asks you ever so nicely to do it again. Then she tells you how much everyone enjoyed last year. How they just can't stop talking about it. You start to think how hard can it be you did it last year... you know what to do and what not to do. You then start thinking that your Martha and you can do it all! Ha! I am a SUCKER!

It really is going very well even though I refuse to admit that in public! Oh this is a bit public, dang it. No one is allowed to tell "them" you know them the people that will ask me again next year. : )

Last year I packed everything away really nicely. There I found that I have 138 spoons and 200 cups ready and waiting to be used up. I have tons of left over luau themed napkins serving pieces and decorations all just waiting for another party. I also thought way ahead and I have 400 leis and gift bags for those talented kids. I even made some oilcloth book marks for the adults that are entertaining us. I made these for me a month ago and I thought they would be fun in here too. I will post a tutorial not that they are the least bit hard to do. But none the less I will whip that up later.

But this is really funny I used they inflatable's to decorate the room. I can not get my kids to stop filling them up. I can not get them to the hotel conference room all filled up. Oh well they are busy, right?

A whole lot of fun! I need to remember to bring these out on a cold winter day when we feel like shut ins. They played with these for 8 hours. love it.

Well this was a self help, pep talk. I feel much better! Thanks for listening!

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