Monday, July 16, 2007

heavenly weekend

This last weekend was so lovely. It was like a pre-Modern June weekend. I did not sew. I did not spend hours at the computer. I got out in the garden a tiny bit. I shopped, but not at a fabric store! I cooked lots of great meals. And best of all we entertained.

Why oh why do we not have dinner with friends every week. It is so much fun. Especially when the people that are coming could not give a damn that the bathroom floor never got mopped. I love that.

Maddie and I made some great salsa together. And I used this recipe for some damn fine guacamole. It's from my most favorite cook book, a must have for that Mediterranean cooking. I can almost always find what I need to make in here!

Once everyone got here the guys took the older children on a walk to the beer and wine store in our lovely hood. Check out this tree. Oh and the silly kids.

I splits off into three trees of was three trees to begin with who knows? When we fist moved in to the neighborhood 9 years ago the Bellevue new-letter wrote about the really great trees in the area. I wish I remember this monsters story.

For dinner Saturday night we had grilled quesidillas. First I grilled chicken and then I sliced it up. Then I it layered lots of yummy cheddar, fresh corn sliced off of the cob and tomatoes into a tortilla. I placed that on to the hot grill. I learned the hard way that you really need to stay right there with them while you are finishing them up. One of them was black as night. Oops. Once I pulled them off the grill everyone pilled them up with toppings... veggies and what not.

How about this gorgeous and oh so yummy blackberry cobbler that Christi made. It was even better than it looks.


Christi said...

You didn't mop the bathroom floor? I guess I didn't notice. :-P We had a great time. Can't wait til the next.

Kelly McCants said...

No I didn't and I never do. Opps there goes my martha rating. hee hee hee

lynn said...

That cobbler looks delish!

I think Miss Jennifer has that same apron.