Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Local shop: Strawberry Fields

So I am going to have a new blog feature... profiling local shops. I thought of this when I posted about that cute little store in Ashland, Ladybug Cottage. I now have a great little shop in the Fan that is going to start carrying my stuff, Strawberry Fields. Here is just a tiny peek at what is fun and cute in this shop. Not only can you buy up a great gift, but you can also pick from a great assortment of flowers as well. I really like that! I wish it was in our hood! Might be too dangerous!

I love, love, love these colors. I never showed you my new bedrooom last week did I? These orange candles would look great in my new room! I would have to leave the tags on the pear candle. Great taggage!!! I just dolled up a few plain candles with hemp and wire, but I should have just gotten these. I tell you the orange ones are mine!

Modern June will be adding some baby stuff in to this great mix! You can't really see them well in this picture, but I really like the Alphabet Card sets you see around these days. I wish I had them when my wee ones were still wee. That would be agreat addition to a vintage-style baby room.
Three Little Bear soaps!

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lynn said...

Oooo! I want to check it out! It looks sort of Posie-ish!