Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Purse Project

So my friend Lynn tells me about all the cool stuff found on the crafty web. Last week she told me about the Purse Project. I am so excited about this group. I need a itty bitty break from making aprons and to get crafty in other ways! This is a brand new project! Thanks Barb for taking the time to create a great new fun place to share. The first challange is to...

Make a tote or a purse using a tea towel (vintage or new).

Don't you just love the vintage tea towel. The woman that sold it too me commented on how 50's she thought it was! I have many more to come. I got a lot of tea towels on my outing! Yeah. Check back to see what becomes of them. For now you can head over to ModernJune.etsy and grap this one of a kind bag!


kimmy said...

Lovely purse. If I was a purse carrier, I'd carry that one!

allyson said...

my god kelly, that bag is so fabulous i almost wept. loooove it!