Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Item!

I just had to do it! Maybe it's because I don't make enough things I thought I would start making table cloths. What do you think? Not original but really cool, right?

Don't you think I should list them as custom orders. This would be to hard to keep on hand everyone would want a different color and have a different shaped table. I am off to esty to list it!

I am trying not to work too much this weekend... we'll see when the "Crafty Goddess" gives yo the urge to create you just have to do it! And look at this cool fabric that came in the mail yesterday. It is begging me to make Fathers Day aprons and to MAKE THEM NOW!!! The first round will go off to Strawberry Fields and then the 2nd round will be on the esty site.

Happy Holiday weekend.


Ryan said...

Great fabric! Where did you find it?

Amy said...

Love the table clothes...and the different edges...great idea...

Kelly McCants said...

I forget the name of the fabric store that I got it at. Some where in NC. I did a search on the fabric...The Good Life, Micheal Miller

It's really fun!!!!