Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holly Hobbie and Scissor Shirts

I just couldn't help but share this moment! Maddie, tired of waiting for me to make Holly Hobby a new apron, just made her own. She did it all herself except for the cutting, I cut it out because she is a lefty.

This i my childhood Holly Hobby, she has been well loved. She not only misses her apron but her braids too. My best childhood birthday ever was my Holly Hobby Birthday, I was 10 years old. There was blizzard blazing outside but my mom still took me and my friends to The Pizza Inn. We were the only ones there big surprise!!!! My mom had a cake made in the shape of my prized doll! I was so surprised! It was one of those icing dot cakes...It's all about making a memory, thanks Mom. You can tell that I snagged this photo. Sorry.

I need to buy Maddie a proper pair of shears. That would be a good birthday gift. Yes, a sewing kit! She would be to trilled! I really need to teach both my little ones to sew this summer!

I almost forgot, speaking of shears, check out the t-shirt I ordered off esty! I can't wait!!!! I really wanted a tunic dress t... I get that when I lose all that weight I am planning of losing this summer. Very sexy stuff. I really want the yellow shirt for Don. Too fab!


I really love the story behind the graphic...

"These were my grandmother's sewing scissors that I now use for everything. I have honored them with this silk screen. I drew them with lots of line detail. I hand pulled them in black ink using my table top press."

I want them all! Got that sweet hubby?

To find circularaccessories head on over to her Esty site!

She has a flickr page as well a great blog! Go check it out!!!


Amy said...

Momma has got to be proud !!!!

Sheeps Clothing said...

I love circular accessories and have hearted her. She has this great green t shirt which I have hearted for when a bundle of money drops from the sky into my lap!

Kelly McCants said...

Amy you know i am!

Kelly McCants said...

My new shirt ROCKS!

It is so cute and husband thinks a bit sexy too! Who knew scissors were a turn on.