Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big Ten!

My baby turned 10 last week! I don't know how it happened but sure enough it did!!! Here are a few pics from his VIVA PINATA party...
 I am not even going to pretend to know the name of this character, but I believe he's a hedge hog pinata! (I am sure my DH and blog editor, Don, will supply you all with a link!) But, what I can tell you is that this is a wonderful cake made by our dearest friend, Aunt Sqz! Viva Pinata!
I do know that these rice crispy treats from heaven are called Goombaa's! I know this because I kept calling them something else and since the birthday boy is nothing if not a perfectionist, I was sternly corrected many times!!! Aren't the cool?  Suzanne had used rice crispy treats to change the shape of the teddy bear cake to the "hedge hog" character and at the last minute whipped these cuties out.
Don ordered two alligator pinatas online and then made tricked them out so that we had two Cocodile Pinatas. Why two? It's a Viva Pinata game thing, the red sour characters are evil, I am guessing it due to too much sugar. Aidan insisted that we loaded each one up with the right kind of candy, one with sweet candies and the other was sour. You've gotta love what you can do with a can of spray paint and some electrical tape.

Don and Maddie printed out and then colored in this poster of the Chewnicorn for a fun game of "pin the horn on the Chewnicorn."
My oilcloth picnic blanket made a great place to open up gifts and trade pinata candy!
For party favors, I kept it super simple, a frisbee for playing in the park! I also found some random party stuff in the attic for the kids to enjoy.  I am afraid the horns we a bit overwhelming for the other people at the park, the kids created HORN TAG (don't ask!) and were very very loud! For the tables I layered my Modern June oilcloth tablecloths with an oilcloth splat mat to get a fun layered look!
I like giving each party guest a personalized bag so they can keep track of their pinata candy, so I simply made a label in Pages that included the Viva Pinata logo, the kids names and then printed it out on label paper.

I loved how the party looked when we decked out the park with tons of our Modern June Party Banners! 
Happy 10th Birthday to my sweet son!