Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's the day!

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 Today we will spend another beautiful day in Stone Mountain Park at the Country Living Fair here in Atlanta, GA. We have had such an incredible reception from the wonderful Country Living readers, everyone knows exactly what oilcloth is and they've been buying up the oilcloth goodness right and left. We have nearly sold out of our oilcloth yardage, totes and several other items. It's been amazing, we figure that we sold about 150-175 yards of oilcloth of Friday and another 40 yards yesterday. We don't have much left so if you coming today shop early!!!  

I can't tell you how nice everyone is, I haven't stopped smiling for 3 days!  The shoppers, the Stella Show staff, the Country editors and CL licensing department couldn't be more supportive!!! Thank you to everyone that made my weekend so incredible! I couldn't do this with out ya!!! 

If your at the fair today come and see my "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" presentation today at 12! I'll be chatting about why oilcloth holds such a fond place in our memories and how we can use it in our modern lives. I'll also walk you through how to make a no-sew tablecloth!  See you on the Country Living Main Stage!

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