Monday, October 11, 2010

If my Grr could do it, then so can I!

Now I am not saying that my Grr (grandma) was perfect but she was to me! She raised 7 kids, ran a household and sold Avon and Tupperware part time --- so what if she couldn't cook! To me she was a hero and my icon. When things got hard at home we played Yahtzee and eat chocolate cookies.  When she was too busy I got to help her sort Avon orders. I miss her so much is hurts my whole body, she made childhood tolerable, so today I look to her to make today tolerable.

I am in a bit of a mood today, I've worked all damn weekend and I am supposed to be homeschooling my kids as I type, but my house is DISASTER and I hate it! Now this mess didn't happen overnight that same pile of art supplies, that pile of magazines has moved from one corner to another for weeks. (alright full disclosure it's been months!!!) But come hell or high water I will beat that mess into submission.

My weapons of choice, my Grr's apron and my MIL's aqua Electrolux from the 50's that is exactly like my Grr's. I found the apron in my Aunts garage the night we returned home from my Grr's wake. She was always losing stuff, always! This time she actually found the item that was missing, that night she gave me the best gift, her handmade gingham apron. Tattered and stained I wouldn't love it any other way. I am sure Grr knew I really need it that very hard night. This apron is what Modern June is built upon! Love, memories, and Chocolate cookies!

I am off to clean and channel my inner GRR! Who knows, I may even find a few things!


Susan S. said...

GREAT POST! Hope you get the mess whipped into shape. I have a brown apron just like that one from my Grandmother. And I remember those Electrolux's. Wish I still had my mothers. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston!

Cate said...

I wrote a post just recently about my grandmother too...there's just something inherently inspirational about them isn't there?