Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Oilcloth Presentation

Well we did it, Nicole and I made it home from the Country Living Fair around 7:30 last night with a much lighter load in the ol' mini van, it sure was cheaper at the gas pump going home, I'll tell you that! We had a banner show and meet tons of great people! 

I can't thank the Ed and Richard, the Stella gals or the Country Living folks enough for the opportunity to speak at the fair. My "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" presentation was a lot of fun.

For me oilcloth is all about the memories that it evokes, so I asked the crowd to share what oilcloth meant to them. Most people remember it on the kitchen table, some remember it from school days and others made their sit-upon's out of oilcloth when they were Brownies. One woman told us that oilcloth cost 49 cents at the five and dime when she was a newly-wedded bride, she also mentioned that there were about 10 oilcloths to choose from. Another woman told me that her mom switched oilcloths ever season, whereas another woman said her mother didn't replace her oilcloth until it wore out. Many of the ladies and gentlemen at the show remembered meals on an oilcloth covered table fondly, but one man said that they weren't very good meals. (I admitted that I couldn't cook either!)  Most said that their Mom's or Grandmother's didn't hem or trim the oilcloth tablecloths, their loved ones just brought it home and laid it on the table. It always amazes me to hear all these stories and see how their eyes light up when they realize that a new generation is discovering oilcloth. 

After we had our trip down memory lane I showed them our Modern June products and then showed them a few things from the Oilcloth Addict Blog so that they could make their own projects at home! Then I showed them how to make a simple tablecloth for the table on the stage. In just a few minutes time I had created a wavy-edged, no-sew tablecloth using a fancy ruler. Don't you know that our newest Oilcloth Addicts and BFF, Katie, bought it right off the stage! How funny is that?  

I am off to take a well deserved nap, but don't fret I've got a LOT more CL fair stories and photos to come!!! 

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