Thursday, October 14, 2010


Did you hear the great news? I will be a guest speaker at the Atlanta Country Living Fair, on Sunday October 24th. I will be chatting about how to use oilcloth to decorate the home, "Oilcloth for the Modern Home" will start at noon, see ya at the Main Stage! 

In preparation for my next show,  I have purchased some old sign letters to make a mix and matched June sign!!!  It's going to be a great show, they are expecting over 20,000 visitors and I tell you it's the place to be if you like shop for handmade goods and vintage loot. Not to mention the great eats!!!  

Have a look at the video from the Ohio show, featuring my friends Twist Style and Chick Picks. You'll also see the ispriation behind my purchases, the  Home Girl booth was to die for!  I regret not buying the letters from her, but we were so busy in our own booth by the time I got a chance to go shopping they were GONE! But a few Etsy purchases later and I am good to go! Creative ARTifacts and Releigh Modern hooked me up. 

See you at the fair! 

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Karen said...

Wow Kelly! That is awesome! Your are the perfect person to make that presentation! I wish I could be there! I know jealousy is a sin, but just call me a sinner!!