Saturday, October 30, 2010

County Living Fair, The Atlanta booth!

As promised here are some photos from the second Country Living Fair in Atlanta, GA! 
These four ladies were totally awesome! The one in the yellow shirt said," now let me tell you what..." I love the woman in the tan giving her 100% of her attention! They were talking patterns!!! I think this is my favorite photo for the whole weekend. These woman were serious shoppers and seamstresses! My kind of gals!!! 
Our booth sat up on a hill, we had a great view! 
 Look at all the pretty shoppers in the Modern June tent!
It's late Saturday and the Ya-Ya Cart of oilcloth is looking empty! We had 5-6 times that on Friday morning! It was full to bursting with about 12 bolts leaning up against it, not to mention the bolts we didn't even have out. We figure we sold about 175 yards on Friday and then about 60 on Saturday and as for Sunday, well be gave up counting altogether!

 Just a tiny bit of oilcloth yardage left on Sunday afternoon. We had no idea that we would sell half of what we took, I had run out of time and just loaded up what fit in the van. Next year we need ourselves a trailer!!!
Table top goodness! Chalk cloth chargers and runners along with our oilcloth placemats and tablecloths!
 Pet mats galore!

 Booth with Booth Babe!
 Oilcloth Pillow Covers! I'll be listing what's left later on this week!
 Our little spot on the hill!
 Stella Show Management decks out the dining area with none other than oilcloth tablecloths! I just love that!!!
 Stone Mountain, Georgia!

We sold a ton of aprons but dont' worry there's still have a lot left.  I hope to take photos in a couple of days and get them up for Christmas shopping! We have a lot of really pretty cottons aprons to go along with out oilcloth aprons.
Oilcloth Party Buntings of love, I just love how those Country Living magazine readers snag them up!

Lastly,  here I am cutting at the cutting table that I made for the show. Check out the how to at the Oilcloth Addict blog and then go check out Sugah Beez's blog some great pics from the show.

Lot's of love! 


jeanne @ juNxtaposition said...

i stopped by your booth a couple times before and after, but never got to meet you..i too was a the top of the hill..there are a couple pics of your stuff on my blog.. ..
sorry we didnt get to meet...very cool stuff..i love the buntings !

Heidi Meyer said...

Thanks for the shout out Kelly! I loved the rainbow of oilcloth goodness from your booth! I hope CL comes back to ATL next year ~ starting the fund now, lol. HUGS ~ H