Thursday, August 6, 2009

random news...

Well, I'm back and tired as all get out! I have lots to share about the Buyers Markets. It was really wonderful, long and tiring, but wonderful none the less!! I was just starting to feel like myself again when we realized it was time to say goodbye to our sweet Willow Kitty. I tell you it just hasn't been an easy week.

Here are a few tiny distractions from family life...

Etsy Front Page August 1st.

Indie Fixx shout out!!! We missed seeing Jen at the show... hope you feel better this week!

We got to see a Screening of Handmade Nation, which was a total treat, especially since there was a Q&A with Faith Lavine afterwards. We bought books and had her sign them!
We are such fans! What an honor to be apart of the whole indie craft movement.

I will post some pics of the show once family life settles down again. Right now my family is just spoiling the old girl as much as possible. Saying good bye to Willow Kitty will be so hard.

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Amy said...

poor kitty! I know you will miss her.