Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freshening up

Last week I went on a cleaning bender, a Spring Cleaning kind of bender (but at the end of the Summer). I fought the urge to re-merchandise the house at that time. I know me too well. If I got to moving things around, I would never get the place as clean as I wanted it to be. So, today I started tweaking the living room just a bit. Nothing major, just move the collections around, mix things up and add a bit of life back in the old place.

I really wanted to go to Nicola Flora and grab a bunch of Sun Flowers for the mantle, but that just isn't in the budget this week, so off to the yard I went. I cut some of my giant hydrangeas--that bush is so big you can't even tell I took 2 dozen blossoms. They are so pretty right now, they have gone from white to green and moving toward that rust pink. Gorgeous!

I needed to strip the slip covers off the couch for a good washing, but I knew I could not stand looking at that ugly 15 year old couch, so I grabbed a vintage blanket from the closet, some pillows off our bed, and now I have a fresh new look until the covers are clean again. I may just wait to wash the cover for a few weeks, I like this so much.

This groovy rack once held 45's--now I holds our greeting cards. How fun is that? I just got it last week from a new Etsy Seller, Nerd Nest!

So now that I have the place all pretty again, and I can sit and enjoy a few minute with the family!


Courtney said...

I just came across your hydrangea photo on flickr. I love it, they look so beautiful!

Kelly said...

Wow, thanks!