Monday, August 17, 2009

days off

Saturday at the Ashland Farmers Market.

I have been jonesing for a day off for way too long. I don't remember having one in August or July. Not unless you count travel days, no those do not count! Well Saturday was a full day, yesterday was a half day off. Today turned out to be a day off too. Too bad I will pay for it tomorrow, gotta sew, sew, sew.

So let's recap the weekend! Saturday was a girl date with Christie at the Ashland Farmers Market. Then I headed over to the Richmond Craft Mafia Retreat for sun, fun and food! I did some work on Sunday morning but then headed out to see Ponyo at Movieland. Don and I spent the rest of the afternoon napping. We all made our own dinner whenever we were hungry, nice! I read all evening while cuddled up with the kids while they watched their tweenie-bopper shows.

I woke up today intending a to clean a bit for my sons birthday party on Wednesday but it turned out to be a full day of de-cluttering and heavy duty cleaning. It was great! Man, without a day off in 6-7 weeks you can imagine my house sorely needed the attention.

Ahhhhh, balance! Ok, now for emails and convo's before bed. Night, peeps!

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