Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 things I learned yesterday

1) I could live on Butchers Hill in Balitimore!
2) Tasha has great friends.
3) I have a great sence of direction.
4) The Safeway in Balitmore smells like Old Bay seasoning.
5) I am the only one that found that unusal!
6) Being late is really stressful.
7) Tasha is a great co-pilot.
8) Richmond Etsy Street Team girls can load in to a show like no buddies business!
9) REST girls take turns having small freak outs.
10) It is really, I mean REALLY HOT in the Phillidelphia Convention Center on load in day!
11) A bag of peanuts doens't make for a good lunch!
12) You really shouldn't forget all your extenion cords.
13) It is best to think about lighting a bit more before you get to BMAC.
14) My booth buddies are great at sharing, loving and supporting.
15) There is an Ikea 11 minutes away from my hotel!
16) The Ikea restuarant can be rented out for private functions.
17) When Ikea has a private party you don't get feed!
18) You spend less time buying if you don't get feed first.
19) Tasha can actually go thought Ikea and not buy a thing.
20) When you get to check out without a wallet it is a real bummer!
21) There is a big and very old Titanic looking boat outside of Ikea
22) what the...
23) Tic Tacs do not make a meal.
23) Tony Lukes has killer Philly Cheese Stakes
24) Eating a meal before 8:00 pm is better then waiting all day to eat!
25) REST girls can eat and giggle!
26) Penns Landing is so pretty at night!
27) There are some scary place in Philly...
28) The beds in out Hotel are really nice! Really nice!
29) It is amazing how nice new towels are.
30) I miss my family so very, very much!!!!!

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Tasha McKelvey said...

Just caught up on your blog posts over the past week or so. I love this list!