Friday, August 7, 2009

A lovely shout out!

One of the great things about the Buyers Market is the people.  The Rosen Group, buyers, and crafters were fascinating, helpful and entertaining.  At a show like this you end up with some down time and it is nice to find a friendly person to chat with.    This was the case with Nancy from Round Rabbit, she was fantastic to get to hang out with such a great artist!  Check out her lovely shout out of the Richmond Etsy Street Team booth at her blog, the Rabbit Muse  

Thanks Nancy, it was great to meet you.  We shall see you again, I am sure of it!  


erin taylor designs said...

oh Kelly - the booth looks great!!

Kelly said...

Thanks Erin!

I showed Maddie The Rabbit Muse blog and she stood there mouth gaping and then asked me if that was my booth. She was so impressed, she said it looked like a real store. I was so proud!

She is so genuine, I love that about kids. You really get the real deal with them.

Round Rabbit said...

Aw, thanks Kelly! I really had such a great time chatting and commiserating with you. Do you think you will do the show in Feb.?

Kelly said...

Yes, I really do hope to attend the February show.