Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Brocante Home

Recently, I had a meeting with my lawyer and at the end of our meeting she told me about a community of UK women that are living the vintage life right here and now. She said I just had to check it out, "that it was so Modern June." Well, today I think I might have finally found these ladies!

Quite by accident I found this, Aprons For A Bachelor Girl, at The Brocante Home. What I loved about this poem the most was that "She's coloured the walls an eggshell blue" (so very chic right now, especially in my bedroom) and that she has "put the oilcloth down." Now how Modern June is that? LOVE IT.

At craft shows I often find myself describing what oilcloth is, and it's history. For many older women it is a treasured flashback. A flood of memories, their childhoods, their Grandmothers or a sorely missed Aunt. What they see is the kitchen table laid with a freshly cut oilcloth tablecloth. I am so lucky I get a chance share in these most happy memories and perchance a great story or two.

Here at Modern June this is what we strive for each and everyday, to help families and the bachelor girl create new and special memories! I just love my job!

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