Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scribble and Splat Mats

I have been fighting the urge to buy the chalk cloth from my supplier for years but now that I have oilcloth Etsy shop, OILCLOTH ADDICT, I could no longer resist! I have a much better excuse to have tons more oilcloth too. We are adding two new oilcloth next week too! Pompeii and lime polka dots!

I was so thrilled that finally have this good stuff that I cut into the chalk cloth the minute the UPS man dropped it off! I used red polka dots to trim it since this one is for us, you all know I am dotty for dots. It is harder to work with the chalk cloth than oilcloth, but I will get used to it quickly. Thank god for my industrial, I love that bad boy!

Minutes after I finished the mat our lunch dates showed up and the kids went right into product testing and reserch. They all agreed that this is the best! I really bought the stuff because I NEED to have a tablecloth made from the stuff! I think it will be fun for homeschooling too, after school we can just whip it down and have dinner. Too fun.

For now I will take custom orders for the scribble and splat mats, just pick your trim color and then in a week or two you will have one too! Let me test out the tablecloth first! It is really thick stuff so I want to make sure it drapes over the edges ok before selling it for tablecloths.

FYI: when we ran out of chalk and then they used all my tailors chalk, they had a blast with the Aqua Doodle pens. They worked great on the chalky mess.

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