Saturday, October 4, 2008


I get google alerts for oilcloth aprons and oilcloth tablecloths. This let me know loads of information, basically who is doing what with oilcloth and then chatting about it. But what I love most about the oilcloth google alerts is the occasional the personal interest blog posts that pop up, like this one... Boyhood cottage on lake inspires storybook cabin that's fit for one.

It affirms my belief that what I do helps create life long memories. Just this week I made a set of four matching aprons for a local bride, she will be giving them to her bridal party. Sweet! Also this week I sent of a large order to a woman getting ahead on her Christmas shopping, she has a lot of little ones on her list that will be getting creative and messy with oilcloth splat mats, bibs and art smocks But the best gift I received this week was a photo from a mom, she said...
"My daughter couldn't wait to use her smock. She loves it!" She attached a photo of a pretty child wearing a Modern June art smock, the child was completely focused on painting a masterpiece. Now that makes is all worthwhile!

Kelly, memory facilitator!

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