Friday, April 25, 2008

spring fever

Maddie, Aidan and I have a serious case of spring fever. For me, well, I can't seem to stay in the cave (I mean studio) for long before wandering outside. Once I am out there in the glorious spring weather it's long to wish my hands were dirty and that I was surrounded by flowers.

So today after a morning of making flowers out of polymer clay while listening to Harry Potter. We went off to Azalea Garden Center to see Mike and Mary Anne for a serious dose of flower buying. We called today art and nature school! ; )

I told the kids we were buying nothing but hanging plants and pre-potted plants. Basically expensive flowers, expensive but complete. I have a really bad habit of buying flower and never having time to plant them. What a waste. So did I just buy the convenience flowers? Did that happen? Hell no! We ended up with some herbs, a flat of flowers that needed planting as well as 3 hanging baskets. Big sigh.... I love gardening. I miss it so much, Modern June has taken away all that creative free time that I once had. There we go again the illusive concept of balance!

Two hours later the plants are all in and there is dirt under my nails. Heaven! Here is what we did...

The hanging pots that was easy-peasy! I love these red geraniums, I forget what kind they are and I have cleaned up so well the tags are long gone already. I had them here last year, they were very tolerant of my neglect. They are worth buying year after year!

Here we did a mix of coleus, caladium's, and petunias. I love these three that line the steps up to the front door.

Maddie had a great idea for the remaining flowers, we opened up the front border by taking out day lilies and small hostas. I would of like to have taken a photo of the bed but my crazy kids kind of pulverized them with the jet spray while watering them, URG. I think Aidan heard USE the jet spray not the shower setting, instead of what I really said. He must of missed the word DON'T.

It is probably to early but I cleaned off all the pollen off the porch furniture, I have a feeling I will be doing that job all over again. The pollen here in RVA is horrible for weeks everything is covered with a green powder. But for tonight it is clean...I see myself sipping Corona's on the porch. Hey, I should do that now!

With rain all weekend I will have plenty of time to catch up on my work. Right? I totally need permission to take a day off. That's a bad sign. Work-a-holic!!!

Enjoy your weekend no matter what you do!

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