Thursday, April 10, 2008


Every once and a while I have a mommy freak out, ok I have those often, but specifically from time to time I have a medical freak out over something that is happening with my kids. Today is one of those days. A day when I just needed to go and give our pediatrician a 20.00 co-pay in exchange for piece of mind.

Between spelling and lunch Aidan spent hours holding his hand over his heart complaining of "heartache". I asked who the lucky lady was but I realized he was really in pain. And by two o'clock he was unable to sit up or to stop weeping. See my freak out? Off to the Doctor we went. Only to have Aidan feeling so good that he busied himself with his new found art of armpit farting. Yes you know he did it in front of the Doctor. With a laugh in his eyes we got the preverbal "take two Motrin and call me if it gets worse". Oh, let's not forget the 2 lollipops. I figure they cost me 10.00 each!

I chuckled all the way home, parenting can be really funny if you just look at it from the right side of things. It will be a long time till our favorite Nurse and Doctor forget the little boy with heartache and a bad case of armpit farts!

Aidan doesn't know it yet but this story will be told for years to come! Heartache!!!!


RetroRugrats said...

thanks, i needed a good laugh today. ...and what is it with little boys and fart noises?? my four year old is right up there with your boy.

kimmy said...

oh geez!
That would've had me freaking out too!
I was nice to catch up for a bit at the show. Hope you had a banner day.

peace out