Monday, April 7, 2008

fun facts!

I miss my blog! I only have a minute to drop this little Q&A off and I have to dash into real life! This is for the Spring Bada Bing Zine that we are putting together! I thought it was fun, every vendor at the show will be asked to answer these questions as well.

Kids are getting up so I have to dash! Hope you all are well!!!!

1. How did you get started with your business?

My two children needed new aprons so I went out looking for some vintage aprons and found way too many! I became addicted and needed to sell some, my collection was out of hand! I started selling them at the 17th Street Farmers Market along with some of my first oilcloth Market Totes. I could not let the really cool aprons go with out using them to draft patterns. By Christmas everyone wanted Modern June aprons instead of the vintage ones, so by the spring I was in full swing production with my own aprons line.

2. What is your favorite tool to work with?

My new baby! My Bernina 950 industrial named Indie!

3. What/who inspires you?

Any thing vintage and mix it with fresh modern colors I also like to take magazine layouts usually interiors and use the modern color combinations into consideration when choosing fabrics.

MY clients! I love working with people on new ideas. Working alone is hard, new people and new projects keep Modern June fresh and always thinking.

4. Man-bag or purse?

I love me a nice purse!

5. Where do you see your business in 3 years?

Honestly I would love to have one of my products featured in a national magazine. You know the editors pick pages. I won't be so bold to wish for an article. The product page would be just fine!

6. If you only had one thing to tell someone starting a craft/indie
business what would it be?

Get the money part figured out first. MY BIGGEST mistake!

7. Rock, paper or scissors?


8. Are you a full time crafter/designer?

Kind of full time, I also stay at home and school my two children while also keeping full time hours in the Modern June Studio. It's crazy fun!

9. Do you have a craft crush? (A designer or indie/craft business
that you admire.)

Hell yeah here are just a few!

Mary Ellen, Twist
Heather Bailey, HELLO my name is Heather
Amy Carol, Angry Chicken
Alicia Paulson, Posie Gets Cozy

10. What is your favorite current indie/DIY trend?

I am digging the bird craze!

11. What was the best compliment a customer ever gave you?

I think the best compliment is when a store carries Modern June. Of all the crafters out there they chosen MY product line. What a shop carries represents who they are and what they want to say about themselves. What they think is hot and cool! It really is a the best kudos ever!

12. What craft would you like to try or learn?

I would really like to make cool jewelry! I just don't do it well at all! I beaded a 12 strand necklace for myself and was so proud, until I put it on only to have the seed beads go flying across the room with in minutes. That sucked! I stick to buying my necklaces for now.

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