Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Bada-Bing BABY

bada bing!, originally uploaded by ModernJune.

What fun, what fun! I am so happy with how the show went, thanks to the likes of Erica and Dawn and their expert organizational skills and then when you add the rest of the RCM gang it you get a rockin' show!

The rain was in full force, we had the wettest volunteers in craft history! I can tell you how hard those wonderful people worked to get everyones wares into the building. I also can not tell you have incredibly wet they were.

The crowd was awesome, I was happy with how many people braved the downpour! It was crafty treat I tell you! I have to say that people really made me proud of my work, one woman told me that she wanted something from Modern June so bad that she was haunted with regret for weeks after last years show. How fun is that? Then someone bought an apron for her Mom for Mothers Day, she said that her Mom has wanted one for a while now. Too cool! Thanks for all the love!

Isn't the space wonderful? OMG, Don and I want to go to a party here big time! The fabric and the lighting is there 24/7. So you get that luxe party scene in the package. Plant Zero was also wonderful to deal with, I think we have found SBB's special home!

It was Etsy mecca and I have added to my Crafty Crush list! Big time craft crushes developing. I will show you my loot later, but now I got-ta go teach those kids!

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