Tuesday, June 5, 2007


UPDATE... Go now to enter! I have been featured!!! I am so proud, what nice things are being said. When I get burned out I am going over there and reading the post and the comments! WOW, this is great! Thanks everyone!

Is there more to life than Aprons? I don't think so! Check out the apronpalooza how in progress over at Life is Like a Lunchbox. You can see lots of very cool aprons made by lots of cool Apron Mamma's like myself. You can enter to win free aprons. I have two in the mix. So go check it out! My little plug has not been published yet. I will let you know when it is posted.

Get out your aprons and put them one you domestic goddesses. And Gods to! I haven't forgotten you Yassin!

These are the two aprons that I have donated. The Black Cherry is my most popular apron yet! And the Blue Cherry apron is going to given away as well. I will make it for a child or and adult with their name hand embroidered upon it.

I am really proud to be apart of this event. It is great to learn about people that I have so much in common with. Man, I mean Jessica Steele is my hero! I am a fan! Too fun!

Thanks, Nan


Sharon said...

I just love cherries on aprons - ah, who am I kidding? I just love aprons! Yours are beautiful. I better get on over to Life is Like a Lunchbox and check out the Apronpalooza.

Nan said...

No problem Kelly! THANK YOU!!! And... umm.... can I make my husband enter my/your contest? Because I want BOTH of those aprons!! LOL! They are SO SO adorable!

You're on the queue for my second contest today!! :^D

Athena said...

I was not one to wear aprons until I started looking around on here! Now I jut got to have this cherry one! It is sooo cute and stylish! love this Apronpalooza!!

Jill said...

My husband is a househusband. I think I'm going to recommend he wear one of them ;-)

Kelly McCants said...

husbands need to look cute when we get home from work to!

I told my husband I want to be A sugar mamma. Let him clean we both know he is much better at it! And heck I bet he could cook up a storm in need be.

Smiles, Kelly

I do have Patio Daddio aprons almost done...check back next week!