Monday, March 19, 2007

A long day!

How polished is she! I want to be the Lady in Red.

The mess on the table at 6 this morning was replaced by this by 9:30. I love when the Splat mat comes out! It is so cheery the kids are draw to it all day!
Tonight when Maddie lovingly washed and dried our splat mat she said to me "Momma we'll use that tomorrow too! You know we are famous artist. Want to buy a painting?"

Man I love them!
Maddie says she will be famous for her apple tree, she told Aidan her brother that she's been doing them since she was 4... I have the stack of paper to prove that too!

Who knows which "Aidan world" this may be but I love it great colors. Really great!
I see inspiration here!

I almost made it through the day with out yelling or being curt. But now fighting with my patterns that I keep in a itty bitty closet I lost it, sorry Maddie!

Here is view that I really don't want many people to see, Yup I used a commercial pattern once OK twice. The wallet is based one a pattern but I made my own after I tweaked the batookey out of it! The second time was for dear Sew Mama Sew. And that great apron is all mine!

Bored yet? Isn't if boring when bloggers self indulge! Hee hee hee, there's more!

I made this and this... one is for the wholesale order and one is for the UFP list

and I made this cuz I have wanted to make a half apron forever... shows are coming up quickly I need cool stock!

and then after dancing the night away with the families new toy I made a few mock ups for a new splat mat... Its all about the splat mat! here's a peek!

I knew that degree in costume design would pay off! Years of training and working my batookey of at the best theatres and on the coolest movies, well that was a stretch! I can design and I can pattern anything even at 16. I have my own mind, my own thoughts my own designs. I borrow from the past, I am inspired my my living room rug (left) and a pillow from a year old magazine (right). Life is good! Right?


kimmy said...

That's right! Keep on doing what you always do. I like to boast that you're in the IMdB :)
Lover the splat mats. I need one that'll hover beneath me everywhere I go.....

lynn said...

I love your kids' pictures. I think Aiden's looks like the ocean.

Red polka dots and checks look like happiness! Reminds me of this lady
Are those for a splat mat?

Kelly McCants said...

Man I LOVE LOVE LOVE her stuff! I am thinking of making some skirts to sell at the market. Just really simple a-line and wrap skirts in funky fabric, nothing as cool as her stuff. I did not know she had shirts! I want one of these

I think kristen has the skirt doesn't she? I am not sure she would have my size though, you know the girls get in the way. for those that were not at the playground we both Lynn and Kimmy (both above) had a funny BRA conversation.

Those last photos are splat mats not sure about them I think food and grim would fill up in the seam and make it really hard to clean.

I think that I am going back to my original thoughts I had last summer, Splat mats should be cute and cheap!

I mean look at what happens to them my kids paint the flower of the pattern to only have to whip off. And baby's only have one goal to play the pick up game with you and their half chewed up food.

It takes alot of fabric to bind them with the oilcloth, man it looks great but it cost and it's a physical challange. But if i had my industrial sewing machine back I would not bat an eye. But that is gone and not to return until I have my own studio outside our home...ONE DAY