Friday, March 23, 2007

our little bit of spring

Maddie took this she's good.

This is Aidan's tree. We planted it a week after I found him in the bathroom with a gallon size plastic bag over his entire head, he immediately passed out in my arms. By the time I ripped the bag off his head and carried him to my bed he wasn't breathing and was blue. My poor little boy. Three years before this horrible day, I had wanted to give birth to him in that bed but I was not lucky enough because he was a breech baby and a home birth was out of the question. But, I was able to give him a second breath of life through CPR on that bed.

Later that day, after an ambulance ride to the ER, Aidan told me that he was using the bag to be a spaceman, it was his helmet. To deal with the stress of it all I planted a tree and Don purchased this space helmet for him. Now 3 years later as I see Aidan's tree bloom I am reminded of how lucky I am and how great life really is.


kimmy said...

I know its been rough but these times will seem like distant memories in little more than a twinkle.
Big Hugs,

kimmy said...

p.s. the bit about the plastic bag and the tree made me tear up. I can't even imagine!!

kimmy said...

you feelin' better?

its no fun to be ill during beautiful spring days.

tell A & M we missed them today.